I think you're a good teacher :-) Love your lecture (at York University).

My perception about stress has changed, because I thought stress only causes problems for me, but it's allowed me to understand that stress affects our behaviour and family psycho-socially.

(As a nurse in training) I knew a lot about the physiology behind stress but not too much about its physical, psychological and social manifestations which was clearly presented. Very well done! Great presentation skills.

Stress is a serious matter and we have to be able to recognise it, and as nurses take care of ourselves in order to take care of patients I've really enjoyed the relaxation audio in the end. I felt as if I had just taken a nap.

Very useful, especially with all the assignments and responsibilities we have (as nursing students).

Even though we know how to deal with stress (as nursing students), it was good to remind me that stress could be harmful.

We should have more seminars like this (at York University).

Since its stress is an unavoidable part of our job in the future (as nurses), it would be better if we had a full course (at York University) to learn how to decrease our stress at work.

It was an awesome presentation. Very clear and to the point. The symptoms on the behavioural, psychological and physical was awesome. The relaxation video was awesome. The speaker was funny and entertaining. Kept the audience active. The most useful thing in this presentation was the relaxation video. It was very soothing to hear. It allowed me to relieve the tension in my body.

The presenter was well prepared, knowledgeable and delivered the content in a succinct manner. The relaxation video was fantastic.

Thank you, this has helped me so much with my clinicals. I have performance anxiety. I listened (to the anxiety reduction exercise)  three times before my last clinical - needless to say, I was much less anxious!

GREAT relaxation exercise! REALLY helped! You came at just the right time in my semester! THANK YOU!

Keep doing this (at York University). I think it will help lots of people.

My headache was resolved after the meditation in class.

Nice presentation. Very beneficial to (nursing) students due to (York University) school stress.

Great presenter, please come back.

The presenter was very calm, talked very clearly and nicely. Very relaxing and enjoyable presentation.

Very good presentation and the relaxation technique was very helpful and effective. I learned how I can manage stress and take positive steps to control levels of stress and not let it become a chronic problem. A reminder that we can control stressed by adapting to the situation, changing our perception or leaving the environment. Take time to relax!

Great presentation! Please return.

Great presentation!!

It was a calming presentation.

It was a great presentation.

Very well done! Great presentation skills.

The exercise was excellent! The PowerPoint was a very clear and well organised. Very much enjoyed :-)

I found the speakers voice very calm and soothing! Just listening to him is a de-stressing activity. Thanks!