I am available to see you each week for therapy in Vaughan Ontario and I am also able to connect with you online wherever you call home. The focus of my therapy practice is couples and individuals working to improve the quality of their lives in some way.

Psychotherapy & Couples Counselling

As a Certified Psychotherapist and mental health professional, my only focus is the application of legitimate psychotherapeutic techniques, the most important of all being the presence of a genuine and supportive therapeutic relationship with a therapist that you feel comfortable to work with.

If you would like to work with me I suggest starting off weekly and slowly transitioning out of therapy by going to every other week or once every four weeks when the time feels right. I do not suggest beginning a course of psychotherapy any less frequently than once per week.

I am trained to assist individuals and couples work through their challenges fully and safely, over a comfortable period of time, simply by listening and talking, in that order, as you control the speed and the conversational topics involved in the process. Once we establish our compatibility, I will work with you as you need me to, you will know that it is helping and you will know when you have been helped enough. I would suggest committing to at least a few weekly sessions in order to give yourself a chance to fully appreciate the depth of our work together. Nothing really worthwhile comes easily and without any effort. Serious psychotherapeutic endeavours generally benefit from consistent engagement in the process over an extended period of time. If you could completely change the way you feel in and about your life or relationship, in half a work week, wouldn’t that be worth an hour a week for just a few weeks?


As a Master Hypnotist, the therapeutic work often differs quite a lot. I am a great deal more active in my role as a guide to using a powerful trance state to ensure success with habit changes and behavioural modification. I do engage in insight work as required, particularly a technique known as hypno-analyisis, but deciding if you’re going to begin down the hypnosis path or start down the therapy path, will be a decision for you to make before we set off

I can teach you self-hypnosis techniques, train you in various, scientifically proven stress management and anxiety reduction methods, work with you to perfect your personal affirmations and mantras, advise you on goal setting, coach you to keep on target and even give you a significant head-start in learning to meditate effectively (another wonderful application of trance). Hypnosis work is generally much shorter term, especially when you are very motivated and receptive, however depending on the specific issue we are working on together, there may still be some things that are best discussed outside of trance in order to process them appropriately.

You can trust me to be on your side, whether you are my personal client or a couple engaged in therapy, I promise to hold your best interests softly to heart in all our work together.

If you would like to know more about me or my services, I trust you will find the information that you are looking for somewhere within the pages of my website. Please follow the links provided that will give you a greater understanding of my therapy services and also let you know a little more about me if you are interested.

If you do not find the answers you seek, please let me know and I’ll try my very best to help you.