If you would like to help someone decide whether or not to begin therapy, your comments are appreciated, but in no way expected. Feel free to leave your comments if you feel you may help someone who needs help, to take the leap by beginning therapy.

I would just like to say that David Fairweather is an amazing therapist...through his hypnotherapy sessions he has managed to help me with my insomnia which I have battled for 18 years. After many years and many failed treatments, medical, holistic and homeopathic nothing worked. I came across David’s website after a friend suggested I try hypnosis. All I can say is that I am extremely happy I did because now finally I am able to sleep through the night, night after night and there are no words to describe what that means to me. Thanks David for all your professional expertise!

I followed your (David’s) advice and within weeks my back pain was gone!

David’s skill to personalize a program is second to none and combine this with his desire to see you meet your goal will create an experience beyond measurement.....

I was very skeptical.. but somehow your (David’s) voice is there to remind me to make the right choices..much to my surprise I am today, cigarette-free and looking to a longer, healthier future.

When I discovered I was pregnant I researched different methods of pain management available to labouring women and decided that it was very important to me to have a natural, drug-free delivery. After inquiring about techniques that could help me during my pregnancy David was able to provide me with a number of effective tools and techniques that I could start using immediately in preparation for the upcoming birth of my child. I listened to various CDs prepared by David which taught me meditation, self-hypnosis and positive thinking. Each night leading up to the birth I went to sleep feeling calm and happy envisioning the birth of my child. I also was able to let go of stress created by my work environment. Having these tools and techniques enhanced my birthing experience and allowed me to have a natural drug-free birth. A year later, faced with jaw surgery and feeling nervous and scared, I turned to David once again. David provided another CD that I started listening to a few weeks pre-surgery. Before I knew it I was starting to feel peaceful, calm, positive and empowered about the upcoming event. I brought the CDs to the hospital and after surgery I would listen to them whenever I felt nauseous or anxious; knowing that within minutes I would feel calm, at peace and be able to rest. My recovery was swift - I had very little swelling or bruising and best of all I was pain-free!

I’ve been free from TMJ (Jaw Clenching) for over a year now thanks to you (David)

Living in Canada makes it almost impossible to get any kind of treatment for TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome). It is basically unheard of up here. You are one of the few that I know of that offer anything in the way of treatment. Good for you. We need more people who do this kind of thing.

David, Thank you so much for your services. The advice, understanding and support is greatly appreciated! My goal of reaching my greatest potential is closer and closer every day. I could not have done it without you! :-) Thanks so much again.

It was rather enlightening to speak to such a spiritual and intellectual man (David)

I’m sleeping better already! What a difference it makes to offload with another man....Men don’t normally talk about this stuff – but we should!

As a Nurse I knew all the reasons that I shouldn’t smoke and yet I still did! I’ve tried everything including the patch and was very skeptical......your (David’s) system works so well I would never have believed it had I not gone through the program