Good workshop, ending with the relaxation technique was especially good to get the point across that coping well with stress is possible.

My perception about stress has changed because the workshop educated me more about stress and how it works as well as how one can adapt great presentation be guided imagery was helpful to relax.

I learned that conscious thinking about relaxing can help relax just like smiling. I think I will spend more time to relaxation during my day. I liked the relaxation exercise it helped me to relax.

Thanks :-) I'm happy that I got a chance to relax I forgot what that was like. Thanks!

Great workshop. Very interested in pursuing this further. Had no idea the signs/symptoms stress can cause.

You have the most calming voice I've ever heard! Thanks a bunch!

The techniques given were really good.


Very good workshop. Stress is a topic which is worth expression. Fantastic. Great job. Good presentation.


Your voice is really great for meditation!

David was fantastic. His voice was very calming.

Great, comprehensible. Clear and concise presentation.

Very well done!

Very well put together, clear and great exercise at the end.

Very good workshop, your voice took away a lot of stress.

Very informative. Thank you.

Awesome audio.

Well done. Thank you!

Very informative.

Great workshop, effective stress relief exercise. Should become daily routine.

Well done! :-)

The exercise was excellent! The PowerPoint was a very clear and well organised. Very much enjoyed :-)

Excellent MP3 file – a great way to end your presentation.

Very well presented. Interesting. Very relaxing technique at the end of the presentation :-)!

Excellent MP3 file – a great way to end your presentation.

Good slides and music.

The music was so relaxing. This was an excellent workshop.

The audio clip was excellent.

The final audio was very relaxing. I feel more in control of myself now, will try not to let stress control me. I liked your presentation and calmness!