David Fairweather is a highly talented, voice sensitive psychotherapist who has effectively helped many people in our community, including myself, overcome limitations in behavioural challenges that minimize living a purpose based life. His appreciation for mindfulness and his skilfull way of supporting achievement toward a highter state of well-being with one self will support how you well can effectively manage emotions in those around you in all your roles at work, home or play. It's been a pleasure to have David working alongside our Vaughan Chiropractic team offering psychotherapeutic services and holistic based counselling to individuals and families in the local and surround GTA community over the years. He is dedicated to helping bring a stronger, clearer and more decisive direction to his clients needs in the area of building self awareness and emotional management for optimal health & lifetime wellness.

Dr. C. Gus Tsiapalis, Family Wellness Chiropractor, Vaughan Chiropractic worked directly with David at his Psychotherapy Private Practice

Considering David’s personal successes with reversing a musculoskeletal disorder using various techniques that he has achieved very reputable qualifications in, coupled with his professional successes as a corporate coach, I am confident that David’s ability to relay his understanding of the subject of stress and stress-related conditions surpasses many medically trained professionals. David Fairweather certainly has my professional vote of confidence. 

Dr. I. Wilderman M.D, Medical Director, Wilderman Medical and Chronic Pain Clinic

David is a considered, kind, professional therapist who uses a wide variety of tools to help his clients emerge into a healthy vibrant life. I would recommend absolutely.

Georgina Cannon, Founder/Director, Ontario Hypnosis Centre School and Clinic

In my view, David Fairweather is the perfect candidate to make a big difference in the field of stress, tension and related injury and illnesses. David’s personal experiences permit him considerable advantage over most University educated consultants in this field, especially given his additional, professional education in many related modalities including; Stress and Wellness Consulting, Meditation, Autogenic Relaxation, Self-Hypnosis, Pain Management and Psychotherapy. David is a psychologically minded consultant possessing a rare combination of actual, experienced insight and pertinent, reputable qualifications. His authenticity and insight are quite remarkable as is his ability to relay the fine points, so key to understanding, in simple, useful terms. I would encourage anyone under pressure or in an emotionally or physically demanding, job to seek the assistance of David to avoid developing any of the numerous destructive symptoms that accompany today’s high level of seemingly unavoidable stress.

Dr J.Chong M.D, Rehabilitation and Psychotherapy, Director of the Centre for Human Performance and Health Promotion

In my capacity as a program evaluator for two research projects at York University's School of Nursing, I have worked directly with David for two years. David brings innovative and pragmatic ideas to the table as a member of the research team. Mr. Fairweather called on his experience as a psychotherapist to develop an anxiety reduction intervention for research project participants to help them cope with the many pressures of their work-life situations as they earn their degree and prepare for the national certification examination. Project participants were glowing in their appraisal of David's anxiety-reduction work. Further, the funding body, the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration has also been impressed with David's work. The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has also expressed interest in David's anxiety-reduction work. David's professionalism, expertise and calm demeanor make him a valuable team member. It has been a pleasure working with him.

A. Sidiq (Sid) Ali, Principal, Research and Evaluation Consulting (RaECon) worked with David at York University’s Faculty of Health - School of Nursing

David provided a unique stress management seminar that my colleagues found worked very well. I would highly recommend David! Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Mauro Garofalo, TD Canada Trust hired David as a Workshop Facilitator

I have been priviledged to know David both as a client and a Service Provider. I got to know him as a person of great resourcefulness and integrity who thinks outside the box to solve complex health related problems. Sleep deprivation is one such problem that could have a wide variety of causes, and for me, David came up with the right tool to fix my problem. David symbolizes all the positive that should be associated with the term 'therapy'. The tools and resources he has referred have been effective with no side effects. I have passed on some of his resources to many friends and associates, who all agreed to their effectiveness. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Juliet Kaye, Seneca College of Applied Arts hired David as a Psychotherapist/Workshop Facilitator

I have known David for a few years now and worked with him on a variety of projects. I am always very happy to work with David as he is consistently positive in his outlook, very conscientious in his work, always has a creative alternative when faced with a challenge and is generally a very nice person. David is detail oriented and fair in his assessments.

Anne Jackson, CEO, Clear Head Communications Inc worked with David at York University’s Faculty of Health - School of Nursing