In essence, humans are basically relational beings. We need others in order to reach our potential. This starts at birth with a great need for care, since, unlike some other mammals, humans would perish within hours or days if not fed, nurtured and protected by someone else.

We may strive for independence or autonomy, but who you feel you are as an individual, is greatly influenced by the views that others have of you, especially those that cared for you as you were first beginning to develop into the you that you know, based heavily on the feedback that you were either fortunate or unlucky to receive.

We don’t all have the luxury of a past filled with perfect parents and wonderful caregivers, so it stands to reason that you may have taken on some strong feelings and thoughts about yourself, purely because of the influences you have had in life. Your future has yet to be determined but has the potential to continue being influenced by you previous experiences that moulded you and unconsciously continues to bind us to your past and shape your present-moment experiences.

Left psychologically alone with your thoughts and feelings, you will naturally come to define yourself and your life from a fairly limited perspective.

Psychotherapy offers you a real way to untangle past influences and evaluate them from fresh, informed perspectives, liberating you from the restraints of your prior thoughts and feelings and allowing you more choice in deciding what your potential really is, something that may surprise and delight you. In the case of couples, the intermingling of two people, both influenced by past relationships and previous experiences, left unchecked, the past can permeate unknowingly into the relationship in any number of maladaptive or destructive ways.

I practice a relational form of insight oriented talk therapy specifically developed to help you understand and overcome the deeply buried beliefs and assumptions you have acquired, that may be holding you back, limiting your choices or causing you pain. After years of experiential training, theoretical education, personal psychotherapy and highly supervised client work, I can provide you with an opportunity to invest in your own personal growth, liberation from your own past and a new outlook on what you currently consider your potential.

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