Online therapy offers the convenience of benefitting from therapy with the therapist of your choosing wherever you call home. Although it may not always be as desirable as meeting in person, it is an excellent way of communicating face to face and is a far more effective form of therapy than telephone counselling. In some ways, access to connect emotionally with someone you may never meet, can make it easier to speak honestly and openly about anything.


Sometimes it's easier to speak our deepest truths to the caring ear of someone we may never meet. Connecting with a therapist outside of your community can be freeing, especially if you live in a small town or tight-knit community where everybody knows everybody else. Some people seek therapy outside of their country, particularly when their culture does not view self-empowerment as an acceptable endeavour or when to seek help comes at the cost of community condemnation. For many people, online therapy is the only way they can get access to the help they need.

You don’t have to suffer from chronic pain, tension myositis syndrome, agoraphobia, or any other kind of mind/body condition to use my online therapy services. As long as you possess a computer and a webcam we can start to form our therapeutic alliance as soon as we have determined a convenient time for your session.

Curious what working with me online might look like? You can find out right now how online therapy offers vital access to facial expressions that are such a vital part of all communication and interaction, by following the link below to my short YouTube introduction to online therapy.

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