You do not have to be married to benefit from couples counselling, you just need to be committed to working on your relationship. I have facilitated more effective communication between married and non-married partners of many different relationship styles and ethnic backgrounds. Couples therapy is not just for traditional marriages, any couple motivated to benefit from improved communication and understanding is welcome to contact me.

Every relationship has the capacity to benefit from a little help from time to time. Allowing a third party to share in the intimacies of what is probably the most significant relationship of your adult life can, for some, be a scary step to take. For some couples it can be essential to the survival of the relationship, for others, simply a way to make it even better. Pretty much every relationship can experience significant enhancement through each partner’s deeper understanding of both themselves and their significant other.

Like individual insight therapy, couples therapy softly focuses on your current experiences, all the while understanding that in many ways, your past and all of your previous experiences, have a considerable unconscious influence over almost every present moment experience. In the case of your relationship, your two subjective selves, with both of your unconscious influences, are intermingling to form an intersubjective entity, commonly known as a “couple”.

The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. When it comes to a couple, no truer word has been said. My training in intersubjectivity for couples, extends my understanding of individual subjectivity to take into account the many ways that relationships exist to serve the needs of both partners. If your relationship has ceased to be as rewarding as it once was, it’s a safe bet that somewhere along the way, your needs are no longer being sufficiently met. Like everything else, people change, and so too must relationships if they are to survive.

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