There is really nothing magical about hypnosis. Having said that, it does offer you a powerful way to engage with your deep inner mind in ways that can have profound impacts on your experiences of the outer world. Most of us have the capacity to self-reflect, meditate, contemplate and dig deep within ourselves to find understanding, empathy, motivation and commitment, it’s often just easier not to.

With the help of a well-trained hypnotist or therapist, you can find it surprisingly easy and incredibly effective to connect with your inner mind in a safe setting, utilizing time that you consciously choose to dedicate to the process. Even though all hypnosis is in essence self-hypnosis, on your own, such self-reflective time could only be considered meditation or silent reflection, even if you have learned the steps to self-hypnosis from a book.

To truly benefit from self-hypnosis, you must first learn to internalize the trusted rapport that is only available from an external guide, whether online or in person. The relational experience of being guided by a trusted voice, rather than following your own thoughts in a self-induced trance, is a critical component to all effective self-hypnosis. Once the voice of your chosen therapist has been permitted to induce you into a hypnotic trance, you will soon be able to benefit from utilizing their voice in your mind, after inducing your own hypnotic trances.

We can build our personal rapport and therapeutic relationship effectively online or in person, so you are not limited by your location. You can benefit from choosing to internalize my voice as your self-hypnosis guide wherever you call home.

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