A Note For Fellow Therapists

If you are a therapist, you are welcome to utilize these resources in your own practice by offering a link to this website to your own clients, wherever you are in the world. Although you are free to use the recordings without cost, please be aware that, unless specified otherwise, the scripts remain my intellectual property and that my recordings may not be edited or altered in any way.

You may burn any of the tracks to a CD or DVD for distribution, however, you are not permitted to alter them in any way, you must never charge a fee for them and you may not claim ownership. I simply require that you notify me of your intended use, respect the copyright of my work and trust that you will not seek to profit from the resources that I am giving freely, or misuse them in any way.

If you would like to order a custom made audio or video resource for your hospital, clinic, private practice, small business, corportation, school or university research program, I am able to provide you with a complete solution, from scripting and recording, through to final packaging. Simply e-mail me providing a rough outline of your requirements and I will be pleased to tailor a video resource that perfectly suits your requirements.