Having the ability to repeatedly engage with the specific motivation that keeps drawing you towards your personal goal, can make all the difference between long term success and temporarily achieving something.

Daily hypnosis sessions over an extended period of time can be out of the reach of the average person. Generic self-hypnosis or self-help CD’s can be useful, but are not guaranteed to work for everyone.

You may benefit from having your own custom designed and personalized resource such as this one.


This is an example of a personal self-hypnosis resource that was commissioned by a professional musician/producer. They were looking to focus more on there own tastes in song writing rather than over-thinking their potential audience's likes and dislikes and wanted a resource that would assist them achieving a creative head-space.


The most unique element of my self-hypnosis CD’s is the highly personalized nature of the CD resource that you will receive to help you every day, whenever you need it.

  • No generic goals
  • No generic suggestions
  • This is NOT a CD that you have to "imagine" is talking to you
  • This is a CD that WILL be speaking specifically to YOU and only you


The process to accomplish this is surprisingly simple and highly effective.

Over a few sessions, discussing as many factors relating to your presenting issue as we are able, we methodically discover the most powerful factors that will contribute to your specific success...

  • YOUR goals
  • YOUR motivation
  • YOUR success

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can take advantage of my self-hypnosis CD services, wherever you live in the world. Online sessions are currently available via Skype, or, if you live in Toronto or the GTA, you have the added option of visiting me at one of the health-care settings where I conduct my private psychotherapy practice.  


Once you take possession of your personalized CD resource, you will be able to start accessing the powerful content as often as you like, for as long as you need.

Just listening to your voice and the messages you record help me feel better about myself and my situation and I believe that things are looking promising for me.

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