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For some reason, people have been asking to interview me lately

A few months ago I was interviewed by a neuroscientist and his coaching partner about my latest motivational keynote: “STAYING ON THE GOOD SIDE OF BURNOUT - How you can bring your “A” game to the office without depleting yourself for life” and my work with the Mind Mirror— an EEG, brainwave biofeedback technology that not only makes learning to meditate easier, it also helps the user target training states of heightened concentration, creativity and intuitive insights. Around that time I was also interviewed by the Institute for the Awakened Mind about a hemispheric balancing protocol I’d recently developed in my own personal, technology enhanced, mind development practice of purposeful meditation (kind of like a cross between mindfulness and self-hypnosis, but with a way to monitor your own brainwave activity in real time and condition states of heightened awareness and peak experience). But that’s for another blog post.

Listen to our podcast and you’ll hear we all had a lot of fun during the recorded chat. There were quite a few unexpected and humorous moments that I mischievously poured into what could otherwise have been a very technical or even boring talk about human performance problems. Hopefully you can appreciate that emotions must be mobilized in order to move anyone to make a change - and that’s what I set out to do with Dr. Bob and Christine Wright at Stress Free Now.

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If you haven't visited my website lately, you may notice a few recent changes. Not content with purely remedial, therapeutic work (helping people overcome problems they suffer that are making them sick or sad), I’m currently sharpening my coaching focus on the growing field of performance enhancement, something I’ve been fascinated by since my days as a corporate technology trainer and creative problem solver.

Every year, well functioning people that could use their health plans to invest in improving themselves to do even better, miss the opportunity because they have the idea that you need to be suffering to seek help. This could not be further from the truth (check out my last blog post on coaching if you’d like to understand that statement better).

Human performance has essentially 3 core components that greatly impact the level and and proficiency of the performance (whether its a sales call, a stage performance or any other a creative endeavour). I could be a wise guy and say “practice, practice and practice” - but the truth is, Stress, Anxiety and Habits are critical aspects involved in all training, learning, test taking and performance.

To help high functioning professionals raise their game, up the bar and surpass their previous successes and current expectations, I now have Stress, Anxiety and Human Conditioning squarely in my crosshairs. With the help of some of the smartest people on the planet, I’ve been working to combine technology, psychology, hypnosis, meditation and NLP into a full service solution aimed at making a massive impact in the lives of people that were already OK to begin with.

Since I turned some of my attention to aiding creative, dynamic, driven people to do what they do even better, I’ve been approached a few times by some other coaches and trainers to share my expertise with their audience. Well, I’m excited to say that the first of these interviews has now been released - and I’d love for you to have a listen and to let me know what you think?

I might share too many personal stories, I may be overly opinionated about what people are doing wrong and I could even be accused of not taking things seriously enough. What I could never be accused of however, is lacking authenticity, passion, a deep understanding of how people tick, the capacity to bring out the best in people or a sense of humour about life. “Staying on the Good Side of Burnout” is essentially my story - and I’m now ready to tell it.

When you listen to the interview - not only will you get some insights into the way I understand stress anxiety and habit forming behaviours (conditioning, self-programming, learning - practice practice practice!) but you will also get the chance to hear how I compound understanding with stories and even how a neuroscientist (Dr. Robert Wright Jr.) responds to my insights and creative problem solving methods. We cover Stress, PTSD, Anxiety, Phobias, Insomnia and even touch on consumerism in our western world… and there’s more interviews coming, so if you aren't already, make sure you GET CONNECTED.

Over the past 10 years, among everyone I’ve seen for hypnosis, therapy, consciousness training or coaching, I’ve worked with actors, poets, authors, musicians, producers, business owners, marketers, salespeople, speakers, executives and entrepreneurs - all with one thing in common: they were all impacted by stress, anxiety and their learned behaviours in some way. All of them made improvements and all of them are now happier because of our work together.

Check out the interview and visit my SPEAKERS PAGE and BURNOUT TALK information  - especially if you could use a little help. And remember: You do NOT need to be sick to get better.

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