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Do you really need coaching?

If you’ve watched the Olympics lately, it may have occurred to you that, the better the athlete, the more they can gain from working with a great coach (olympic level athletes don’t get gold medals all by themselves). And it doesn't just apply to athletes…

The better the actor, the more they can benefit from working with a great director (you’ll always hear Oscar winners thanking the partnerships and teams that made their Oscar winning possible).

The better the recording artist, the more they can benefit from working with  a great producer (if you don’t believe me, just watch the Grammy’s some time).

Whatever your passion, you don’t have to settle with just getting by... with the help of others you can enjoy it more, achieve more and succeed more with a little help.

It’s almost impossible to be objective about yourself, your eyes are simply facing the wrong way and you cannot see what you cannot see. We can all benefit from a greater perspective and effective coaching, even if what we discover in that relationship is not what we want to hear.

Essentially, your life is far more important than: a game of pretending to be someone you aren’t; a game of proving you are the best at one skill, or; a game of capturing one “perfect” performance that you can reference and replay for all time.

Your life is a series of unrepeatable moments that build and accumulate into your sum total of experience. If you aren’t plugging in to the help and expertise that is available valuable to you, you’ve only got your “self” to blame for your own learned limitations and ceiling of success.

It might be time for you to step up and get over your self, connect with someone who can get you to the next level and beyond, whether that is me or someone else with the particular skill set you are looking to take advantage of.

The best business leaders and entrepreneurs use mentors and executive coaches to help them get where they want to go, faster, more effectively  and more efficiently than those playing a game of trial and error by themselves. Sure you can stumble along and hopefully discover your way, but why not use your GPS to save valuable time and precious fuel?

The way you live is essentially a habit. It might be comfortable, but it isn't always in your best interests (no different to a smoker that wants to quit but doesn’t, or someone dangerously overweight that can't seem to stop eating).

It's easy to get stuck in life or in your career when you rely on your own traction, and it's easy to free yourself when you've got what it takes to get past your own fragile ego and ask for help.

A push, a pull, or maybe even just someone to bounce your own ideas off and help you get to the answer faster (and with less wasted days, weeks, months or even years).

I’ve used, and continue to use, coaches, therapists and mentors every step of the way to where I currently am, and will continue to reach out for guidance and assistance as my therapy and coaching practice continues to grow and evolve.

Your life is NOT a rehearsal. This is NOT a training exercise and you are NOT merely stumbling through a soundcheck that the world outside won’t hear. Your life is passing you by, minute by minute, hour by hour, and once it's gone, there are no re-takes, Mulligans or do-overs.

If you aren't where you want to be, or even who you want to be, it is a sign of greatness and wisdom to seek help. What are YOU waiting for?

If you’ve got deeply rooted conflicts that tend to sabotage your own best efforts, a coach can help you to discover, disarm or destroy them.

If you are struggling to get to the next level, find someone that can help you to see your way past even the most insurmountable obstacles - DO NOT GIVE UP.

If you are suffering from a sever lack of motivation and feel yourself beginning to give up on yourself, enrol the services of someone like me who will reliably and consistently be in your corner, cheering you on and never giving up on you. Together, the way will be found (providing you don’t give up along the way), whatever it takes to get you where you deserve to be... and it all starts where the problem really exists - IN YOUR HEAD!

There is no suffering without thinking. Thinking got you where you are. Einstein knew very well that you cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it. You owe it to yourself to not believe everything you think - especially if you think you can’t be helped!!

The only people that can’t be helped (the “un-coachable”) are so wrapped up in their own take on their own reality, that they cannot even admit to themselves that they might be the problem. Neither therapy, nor coaching are for professional victims, unwavering narcissists or those that delusionally believe that they are beyond needing help (go back to paragraph one if this is you).

For everyone else, there is always more you can accomplish or enjoy if you are ready to stop thinking and start taking action!

I encourage you to seek out someone to help you achieve your goals today, otherwise they may always just be dreams.