There is a rich philosophical history and documented scientific discovery that underlies my understanding behind psychotherapy, but the act of psychotherapy is very much an art. As with all art, you get to decide what you like. It has often been shown in psychological research that the quality of the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist has the most consistent impact on the efficacy of the therapy, regardless of the modality of psychodynamic therapy employed.

The quality of the relationship between client and therapist has the most significant effect on therapy, so it makes sense to choose a therapist that you can feel comfortable working with so that you will be able to engage deeply in the process. It may take time before you are able to trust your therapist with your most personal thoughts and feelings, but you can get a good sense about someone fairly immediately.

If you would like to benefit from therapy or need the support of a therapeutic alliance with an understanding health professional that does not judge or diagnose, then I may just be the therapist you were looking for. It is an undisputed fact that the quality of the relationship between you and your therapist is likely to have a bigger influence over the outcome of your therapy than the specific theoretical approach or the academic orientation of the therapist.

I practice a relational modality of psychodynamic psychotherapy, more influenced by Freud's daughter Anna than Freud himself, yet still true to a long tradition of viewing the human mind as a complex, multi-leveled domain of buried desires and unconscious motivations. Talk therapy of this tradition is more of an art than a science, so you won't find me wearing a lab coat, however I am also a trained and certified master practitioner of hypnosis, the very modality that first inspired Freud's theories about the unconscious mind, the id, the ego and the super-ego

The keys to unlocking insights and liberating you from habitual ways of interacting, thinking and engaging in life are very simple and do not require the services of a doctor or psychiatrist to accomplish (although there are some absolutely wonderful, caring psychiatrists that, due mostly to demanding schedules, are unfortunately unable to devote much of their valuable time to providing you with therapy). I can help you determine the steps to reach your specific goals - all you need to do is engage in the therapeutic process.

Trust, patience and deep understanding. My commitment to you is the cornerstone of our relationship. Over time you will come to trust me, not because I say so, but because you will feel it. I will not rush you, I will not pigeon hole you and I will not assume that I know what is "wrong" with you. I will work hard to understand you and your situation, along the way, you may find that you see things differently or discover things about yourself that you had not noticed before.

When you begin therapy with me, you will find yourself in the driving seat of a journey that we will share together. The purpose of our journey will be yours to decide, the direction and speed will be of your choosing, my role will be that of attentive navigator and considerate companion. I may point out some of the scenery as we explore your day or delve into your past. My sole aim is to keep you safe and on track, but you'll be steering where you want to go. You will decide how long we explore together, and when we arrive at your destination, you will know that you have arrived, safe and sound, healthier, happier and hopefully exactly where you wanted to be.

I'm David Fairweather and I'm truly glad that you have discovered my therapy website. I may be  the therapist you were looking for. Only you will know for sure.

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