My name is David Fairweather and I am a certified psychotherapist. I offer insight oriented therapy to couples and individuals wishing to improve the quality of their lives, their mental health, their sense of self, and relationships in some way. Softly focused on your thoughts and feelings, we will work together to understand your specific situation with all its complexities and explore the courses of action that may help you on your life journey.

Without reference to your past, you would be reborn in each moment without any idea what to think or do! Our past experiences become reference points for us that provide us with the capacity to evolve safely, avoiding future pain by recognizing potential threats. We make unconscious judgements in the blink of an eye and often limit our own lives, relationships and experiences without awareness. Every experience in your life, is only your perception of that experience, since we can all experience the same thing (a song on the radio, a book, or a movie) very differently. Same song, same book, same movie, yet the perception that you have, will be referenced unconsciously to your past and filtered through your own subjectivity.

Yet ever changing.

David Fairweather ever changing

When we consciously choose to explore our past experiences and invest time analyzing the ways in which our subjective reference points either help or hinder us in life, the road ahead can offer destinations currently unimaginable to our unconsciously constructed view of reality as we know it. As with each of us, I began by growing into my previous path, the only path seemingly available to me, but after many years of self-reflection, psychoanalysis, self-hypnosis and meditation, I’ve grown to define my own path, a mindful path I look forward to sharing with you.

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