I hope you will find the time we work together a worthy investment, that you will benefit from for the rest of your life. If you are not motivated to benefit from therapy, or you believe your therapy has to be long, drawn out over hundreds of appointments over several years, my therapy services may not be for you. 

Therapy Session Rates:

I am happy to consult with you regarding your specific needs to ensure that therapy is cost effective for you. Consideration will be given to the frequency of your appointments, your flexibility to attend and your financial circumstances. 

Please call for up to date pricing details

*Note If you do not have coverage for psychotherapy or psychologist services through your extended health plan, you may be eligible for a reduced therapy rate / student rate / unemployed rate for your daytime appointments (9am-5pm). Access to sliding scale rates will be dependant on availability of sliding scale session spaces and your specific circumstances etc. - if needed, please ask BEFORE scheduling any appointments.

Self-Hypnosis Resources

  • Personal Self-Hypnosis Digital Download
  • Have a physical Self-Hypnosis CD mailed out to you
  • Have your Audio Resource converted into an Audio-Visual Resource (conversion fee may be waived when your permission is given for it to be published publically whilst retaining your anonimity)

Please call for up to date pricing details

Supervision Rates:

  • Per 45 minute meeting for Supervisory Consultations - related to: growing your practice, research issues, hypnosis technique or comprehension (clinical supervision must be provided by a licensed psychologist).  

Please call for up to date pricing details

**Note You must be: a student enrolled and participating in a recognized and relevant, academic masters degree program: or be enrolled and participating in a masters level training course in psychotherapy: or be a licensed and regulated, practicing therapist: or awaiting registration in your professional college; to qualify for supervision services and rates. 


Therapeutic sessions are 45-50 minutes in length.

Psychotherapy and Hypnosis services are NOT covered by OHIP.

Psychotherapy services may be covered by your extended health plan,
please check with your benefits administrator if in doubt.

When required by your health plan, Psychologist services can be provided under the supervision of a Licensed Psychologist - if needed, please inquire before beginning therapy.