Motivational Keynote Talk

“The Subconscious
Aspects of Excellence”

How you can train your brain to up your game in business and in life

In this fun and interactive talk, licensed mental health professional and high-performance mind coach David Fairweather will teach you how to:

  • Generate motivation that persists
  • Develop a high-performance mindset
  • Target goals that drive themselves
  • Set highly effective habits in motion
  • Succeed far beyond your beliefs

You’ll come away with simple and effective techniques you can apply at once to get tangible results before you know it!

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David Fairweather

A former York University lecturer, Faculty of Health employee, workshop facilitator and researcher for the School of Nursing, David has produced and directed over 50 educational training films and co-authored several academic publications related to enculturation through technology, mind focused methods to manage stress & anxiety, and learning & performing at a high level under pressure.

Originally an Aerospace design engineer and experienced corporate trainer from England, David Fairweather is a registered psychotherapist, meditation and self-hypnosis instructor, NLP practitioner and master hypnotist. In the last 25 years, David has consulted, lectured and presented workshops for companies including:



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